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Daily Cleaning Schedule Checklist

Being organized is incredibly important in the commercial cleaning space. Our clients hire us because of our consistency. The best way to stay organized and ensure that our employees do a great job each and every night is to maintain accurate "check lists".

We've placed an example of our checklists that we distribute to our employees below for one of our clients.

Check it out!

The Ohio Building Services Team


  • Empty Trash Cans

  • Replace Trash Liners, if needed

  • Clean Sink and Counter

  • Spot Clean Walls, Doors

  • Sweep and Mop Tile Floor w/Disinfectant

  • Dust Ceiling Vents (monthly)


  • Re-stock Restroom Dispensers (hand soap, tissue)

  • Empty and Clean Trash Cans

  • Dust Horizontal Surfaces

  • Clean Mirrors & Wash Basins

  • Polish Faucets

  • Spot Clean Walls, Doors, Stall Partitions

  • Clean and Disinfect Toilets and Urinals

  • Sweep and Mop Floor

  • Damp Wipe Stall Partitions & Walls (monthly)

  • Dust Ceiling Vents (monthly)


  • Empty Trash Cans

  • Replace Trash Liners, if necessary

  • Sweep and Mop Tile Floors

  • Vacuum Carpet

  • Damp Wipe Clean Counter Tops & Sink

  • Spot Clean Cabinet Front

  • Spot Clean Interior Glass

  • Damp Wipe Window Sill (weekly)

  • Remove Cobwebs (weekly)

  • Thoroughly Clean Interior Glass (weekly)

  • Dust Baseboards (monthly)

  • Dust Ceiling Vents (monthly)


  • Empty Trash Cans

  • Replace Trash Liners, if necessary

  • Spot Clean Doors, Walls, Glass

  • Vacuum Carpet

  • Dust and Damp Wipe Desks

  • Damp Wipe Window Sills (weekly)

  • Dust Baseboards (monthly)

  • Dust Ceiling Vents (monthly)

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