Holiday Cleaning Tips

The last month of the year is finally here! After a busy year, there is a good chance that the office may be in need for a deep cleaning. The holidays can oftentimes seem hectic and stressful. Whether, you’re wanting to clean up the space for an upcoming employee holiday party or preparing for a fresh start in the new year, look no further. To make things easier for you, we compiled this list of tips to help simplify the holiday cleaning tasks you might need to accomplish for your upcoming holiday festivities.

Lemon All-Purpose Cleaner

Lemons are an excellent all-natural anti-bacterial cleaning agent. Try making a lemon juice cleaning solution that can be used to disinfect the surfaces of desks, tables, and countertops. Simply use a dark-colored spray bottle to combine hydrogen peroxide, warm water and lemon juice. Then, spray and wipe the surface sparkly clean!

No lemons available? No worries, lemon essential oils work just as well.

Caution: do not use hydrogen peroxide & lemon juice on marble.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Does your office bathroom need a little freshened up? Try creating your own toilet bowl cleaner by using warm water, baking soda, and Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castile soap. To customize your homemade toilet bowel cleaner, feel free to add your favorite scent of essential oils to make the toilet smell freshly clean. A few holiday inspired scents that work well in the bathroom are eucalyptus and peppermint.

Melt Coconut Oil & Spices with a Wax Burner

Do you ever feel like you spend too much money on store bought air fresheners or plug-ins? Skip paying extra money on different toxic aerosol air fresheners, try making an all-natural recipe out of items from your kitchen. To naturally freshen up the office air, place coconut oil in a mason jar and melt it by placing the jar on a wax burner. To add the scent of winter to the air by adding your favorite spices like cinnamon, peppermint or nutmeg to the mason jar filled with melted coconut oil.

Mirror & Glass Cleaner

Are there dirty fingerprints and dusty glass tables or mirrors in the office? Or, is your office waiting room in need of some attention? Try creating a non-toxic mirror and glass clearer by mixing rubbing alcohol and white vinegar together in a spray bottle. Then, wipe the surface down with a paper towel or microfiber rag.

Add drops of your favorite scent of essential oils to enhance the smell of the area, peppermint and eucalyptus work great to help freshen up the bathroom!

Deep Clean the Carpet

If you’re having a tough time removing a bad smell in your office, you may want to take a good look at the condition of the carpet. Over time, carpets can begin to hold strong odors and can start to show signs of high traffic. Deep cleaning the carpet can remove unwanted smells and make the space feel noticeably cleaner.

We hope this list can help with your future cleaning adventures! If you’re pressed for time or looking for a commercial cleaning service, give us a call at Ohio Building Services and we will take care of all your holiday cleaning needs and requests!

Happy Holidays!


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