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How to Know When It's Time to Switch Cleaners

It is difficult and timely to keep your office or business clean and smelling fresh on a regular basis. Hiring a reliable commercial cleaning company to take care of the dirty work will help take the stress of cleaning off of you and your employees. It can oftentimes be well worth the money, unless you end up hiring a company that fails to meet many critical requirements.

This post is a quick read on how to know when it's time to switch cleaning companies.

Inconsistencies in Work

A good commercial cleaning company cares about the quality of their work and pays attention to small details. The quality of every cleaning should stay consistent. If the company you hire does not have a checklist for each of their staff members to ensure there is less room for miscommunication between the client and cleaner, this may be a big indicator that you should look into switching cleaners.

Unreliable Cleaning Staff

Cleaning companies are notorious for having a high turnover rate and if the staff is not trained properly, it can often be hard to maintain the expected level of service. Ask your commercial cleaner to demonstrate or explain how their staff maintains the expected level of service. Since most office cleaning is performed outside work hours, there is also a risk of theft. A few questions to ask the owner or manager is how they screen and employ their staff, and what measures they have in place to protect your property? If they’re unable to provide proficient answers to these questions, it may be a good idea to look into switching commercial cleaning companies to stay on the safe side.

Lack of Flexibility

A cleaners schedule and services they offer can change from time to time. Ask the cleaning company you’re previously hired to clean your business in the past, if they have blackout times or a flexible schedule in general. Other questions to ask regarding scheduling is what their policy on emergency requests or issues that arise outside of regular business hours are or if they’re flexible on cleaning tasks. Another thing to consider is if pricing drastically changes depending on what the client is looking for, from appointment to appointment.

Quality Control

Quality control allows business and office owners to feel confident in their cleaners. Oftentimes, cleaners loosen their standards and their level of care starts to slip dramatically after the first few months. This can happen especially if you’re into a 12 or 24 month contract. Another quality control factor to keep in mind is to make sure you have frequent communication with the cleaning supervisor, manager or owner, but this may not be achievable if on-site supervision is lacking.

Operates Without Insurance

Anyone can purchase cleaning equipment and call themselves a commercial cleaning company. This being said, stay clear of a cleaner that does not hold the proper insurance to ensure the safety and security of your property and business.

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