Introducing Our New Logo and Brand

Updated: Jan 8

There have been a lot of changes since we acquired Ohio Building Services 7 months ago. We've spent a lot of time enhancing our training program, investing in paying our employees more money, and upgrading our equipment. Additionally, we've brought on two very seasoned managers---our General Manager, Rick Brockell, and our Night Supervisor, Gleason James, how bring a combined 40 years of janitorial experience to our team.

We're making progress every week, and we're happy to announce another improvement in the Ohio Building Services brand.

For one, Ohio Building Services is going to be shortened to "OBS" on all marketing collateral going forward. We feel that OBS a a cleaner, simpler brand that pushes us towards the future. Our goal is to ensure that our clients remember OBS and we don't isolate prospective clients outside of Ohio.

With the name change to OBS, we've also completely redesigned our logo. We decided to keep the legacy of Ohio Building Services alive and well by incorporating the silhouette of the State of Ohio. We utilized the font-type "phosphate" which is a unique font that capitalizes on the clean-lines of our brand and service. Finally, we incorporated a PANTONE 300C color which highlights the serenity and clean-sensation of a cleaning company.

We're excited to roll out the new branding to our employees and clients. It's always exciting to continue to invest in the business.


Nick Lobert

Nick is an owner at Ohio Building Services, a commercial cleaning and janitorial company that provides offices, industrial facilities, and businesses with reliable cleaning services since 1978.


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