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Navigating A Pandemic

2020. That sums up a lot. It's been a trying year. People have had their lives upended--loved ones lost, jobs lost.

Throughout everything, we've been amazed at the resourcefulness of Americans. One of our biggest strengths is our ability to pick ourselves up when times get tough and pushing ourselves forward.

That mentality has been apparent throughout our navigation of the pandemic. Since March 2020, we've faced a lot of obstacles, including:

  • Losing great clients of ours due to closing of offices, remote working, or going out of business.

  • Losing great employees of ours due to the lost clients. This one has hit us the hardest as most of these instances were no fault of our employees.

  • Navigating a new world that involves different daily tasks such as a renewed focus on disinfecting.

  • Increased expectations from our clients on the quality and reliability of service.

These challenges were immense and resulted in a lot of hard work from our employees and managers. With two months to go in 2020, we're proud with how we have responded and optimistic in our future. The positives from 2020, include:

  • Adding new, great clients in diversified fields such as manufacturing, education, and medical.

  • Adding new employees to help our existing and new clients. We're most proud of this accomplishment as we've felt that we've increased our knowledge and ability to recruit great people and pay them a better salary than our industry average and competitors.

  • Adding new service offerings such as disinfecting fogging services and staffing needs to help clients deal with the pandemic.

  • Investment in our equipment to upgrade our chemicals, cleaning equipment, and resources for our team to deliver better results for our clients.

Overall, nothing tests a business more than dealing with tough times such as a recession, pandemic, or unknown circumstances. You can't predict the future and you can't control the cards that you're dealt. Success is most often a result of how you deal with the day-to-day changes.

We're proud of our team for continuing to respond to trying circumstances. We're confident that we'll emerge from the pandemic as a much stronger company. In the interim, we'll continue to keep fighting and pushing ourselves to deliver the best service possible for our employees and clients.

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