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What Are The Benefits Of Using A Flat Mopping System?

One of the most common cleaning techniques used in office spaces is a mop. The problem is, what style and process is actually best? As cleaning has evolved over the years, professional cleaning companies have begun adjusting their mopping methods from the outdated bucket and mop head style to the microfiber flat mopping systems. But why is that?

Well, for starters, flat mopping requires far less equipment and is easier to move around facilities in comparison to the bucket style. In addition, flat mopping systems allow for the ability to change the microfiber pad out from room to room or building to building, thus actually creating cleaner surfaces throughout. By having the ability to change out the microfiber pad, your cleaning service is actually able to avoid cross contamination and provide a far cleaner and healthier workspace for your employees and clients.

Flat mopping systems are also far more economically sound in regards to long-term costs. They may cost the client more upfront for each mopping system, but over time with the ability to reuse microfiber pads, allows for cost savings as time goes on. Not only do they provide physical cost savings, but they're also easier and more efficient for the cleaning service to use, thus providing cost savings in regards to time being spent to clean facilities.

Bucket-less systems may be new to most companies and individuals, but at OBS, we believe the flat mopping systems are the future of commercial cleaning processes.

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