What Vacuum Is Best For Your Office?

When it comes time to purchase cleaning supplies and equipment for your office, it can sometimes be overwhelming trying to determine what equipment not only suits your office size and type the best, but what you can afford to spend. Most offices, aside from hiring external cleaning companies, will keep cleaning equipment and supplies in a storage closet for the accidental clean ups that may pop up on a daily or weekly basis. With that said, one of the most important purchases is going to be a vacuum, problem is, what vacuum is best for your office?

At OBS, we use Sanitaire commercial vacuums, which we stand by not only for the price but the amount that we use them. The average price for these vacuums typically runs from $179 and $400, depending on the model you decide to go with. We feel that they provide an excellent price point for the average office to have on hand, as well as durability that will allow you to have it for a long time.

Next up is Hoover vacuums, the beauty of their product offering is they provide an excellent backpack option that would be great for an office that does more cleaning with internal hires. Coming in at $200-$400, you can get a tried and true make in Hoover, as well as some other options such as the backpack version to provide more comfort to whomever is doing the cleaning.

If you're looking for a more expensive upright vacuum, the Bissel Commercial line starts around $450 and up, provides an excellent option for office who are interested in a more heavy-duty deep cleaning vacuums and aren't as concerned about price. Bissel is a tried and true brand and has been around for decades. They've proven themselves as a legitimate brand and product and have an excellent line of vacuums that would not only last a long time, but will provide an excellent clean time and time again.

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