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11 Desk & Office Organization Hacks

#1 Recycle or shred old and unneeded papers

The first step to organizing your personal desk space or office is to get rid of all unneeded and unnecessary papers by recycling them. Another option is to use a paper shredder to shred items that list important information. Next, clear out your desk drawers and remove everything from the surfaces. To start fresh and clean, disinfect the areas with your favorite clearer, keeping the type of surface in mind in order to not cause any furniture damage.

#2 Use a desk or wall monthly calendar

Ever feel like you can’t keep track of all of your scheduled appointments? Try buying or creating a desk/ wall calendar to mark down any important dates or upcoming meetings.

#3 Use a cork board to display important information

Do you struggle with a desk overflowing with stacks of unorganized papers? Try purchasing and hanging a large piece of cork board on the wall to hold important paperwork. An additional cork board tip is to use different colored push pins or tacks to group papers that belong together or are of the same subject.

#4 Declutter any unnecessary objects off of your desk

When it comes to office decor, many of us love to display fun and inspiring personal items on our desks. Make sure you’re selective when it comes to choosing items to showcase on your desk, they can either take away from your level of productivity or enhance it. Too many things can be distracting and can take up too much of your work space.

#5 Label any storage bins used

It can be easy to forget where you put certain papers or important items in a storage bin. A quick tip to reduce your frustration later is to remember to always label any organizational bins used to separate items in your office.

#6 Create a color coordinated system using hanging file folders

Do you ever feel like it is hard to locate or differentiate between your files? Try designating colors of hanging filing folders to certain subjects to easily remember where things should go. Also, don’t forget to make labels for all the folders you end up using.

#7 Use a file tray for current paperwork

Do you have essential papers that you need to keep handy or that you use on a daily basis? Instead of filing them away after using them, try purchasing a file tray to place on your desk to keep track of important items.

#8 Magazine holder to organize client information

Do you ever feel like you’re scrambling to gather all of the necessary paperwork needed before meeting with a client? Try using a magazine holder to organize important client information like, brochures or company folders.

#9 Easy access to your printer

Does the layout of your office make it difficult to stay productive? Try moving your printer or the technology that you frequently use closer to your desk to help stay focused on what you’re working on. Minimizing your steps can reduce your chances of becoming distracted by having to get up from your desk to walk across the office to pick up what you printed.

#10 Separate office supplies in desk drawers

Do your desk drawers look like disastrous junk drawers? Try using small containers or baskets to separate frequently used office supplies.

#11 Over the door hook for your coat & purse

When you arrive at your office in the morning, do you tend to throw your coat or purse on the back of your chair and end up picking it up off the floor multiple times throughout the day? To eliminate the chances of wheel marks on your favorite coat, try purchasing a cheap and simply door hook to hold all of your personal items.

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