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How To Get The Smell Out Of Your Office Refrigerator

Over the course of time within any refrigerator, you may run into various issues that you or your cleaning company will be forced to deal with. From all kinds of food items, spilled containers, and even old, moldy food items, they can all cause your office refrigerator to become smelly over time. The question remains, what are the best ways to avoid this from happening or to fix the problem if it already exists? We've listed some talking points below to help push you in the right direction.

First and foremost, talk with your staff about what and when they're bringing in on a daily basis for their meals. Ask them to label food items and possibly even add dates to them to help ease the cleaning and organizing process when the time comes. This may sound timely, and that may be true, however, it can create an easy clean out process when need be.

Next, is to keep an eye on the temperature the fridge is set on. Sometimes, whether the thermostat was accidentally bumped or even a possible mechanical failure, can lead to too high of temperatures within the fridge, thus creating the possibility for food items to go bad, and create a much needed heavy cleaning within the refrigerator. This is something that we've seen happen over long periods away from the office such as extended weekends, etc.

Next, and most importantly, clean the refrigerator regularly. This may seem like the most obvious but honestly, very hard to keep up with. Most cleaning companies can and will provide this service for your office, we recommend working this into your regular cleaning schedule with your cleaning company to ensure its being done and being done properly.

Lastly, and especially in older refrigerators, a fresh open box of baking soda is a very popular way of keeping bad smells at a minimum by absorbing unwanted odors.

By doing the above listed check points, your office refrigerator should be very clean and smell free for years to come.

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