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5 Natural & Non-Toxic Cleaning Solutions

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Do you ever feel like when you use strong chemicals to clean your office space that they tend to over power the room?

Do you ever have a hard time finding all natural-cleaners that actually works from the grocery store?

Don’t worry, all the ingredients you need to create a few excellent all-natural cleaning solutions can be made from common household products.

If you do not have any of the products listed within any of the 5 cleaning recipes below, everything can be purchased at your local supermarket or convenience store.

#1: Lemon All-Purpose Cleaner

Try making a lemon juice all-natural cleaning solution that can be used to disinfect the surfaces of desks, tables, and countertops. Simply use a dark-colored spray bottle to combine hydrogen peroxide, warm water and lemon juice. Then, spray and wipe the surface sparkly clean!

No lemons available? No worries, lemon essential oils work just as well.

Caution: do not use hydrogen peroxide & lemon juice on marble.

#2: Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Create your own toilet bowl cleaner by using warm water, baking soda, and castile soap.

Feel free to add your favorite scent of essential oils to make the toilet as fresh as can be! Some scents that work well in the bathroom are lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint.

#3: Baking Soda & Vinegar Paste

Try making a non-toxic cleaning solution by combining baking soda and white vinegar to create a paste-like cleaning solution. This paste can be used to spot clean carpets, scrub tile, and disinfect sinks located around the office.

To naturally enhance the smell of the area, try boiling orange peels and then adding the infused water to the solution.

#4: Melt Coconut Oil & Spices in a Wax Burner

Skip paying extra money on different toxic aerosol air fresheners, try making an all-natural recipe out of items from your kitchen.

To naturally freshen up the office air, place coconut oil in a mason jar and melt it by placing the jar on a wax burner.

To add the scent of fall to the air, add your favorite spices like cinnamon, pumpkin spices, or nutmeg to the mason jar filled with melted coconut oil.

#5: Mirror & Glass Cleaner

Try creating a mirror and glass clearer by mixing rubbing alcohol and white vinegar together in a spray bottle. Then, wipe the surface down with a paper towel or microfiber rag.

Add drops of your favorite scent of essential oils to enhance the smell of the area.


Nick Lobert

Nick is an owner at Ohio Building Services, a commercial cleaning and janitorial company that provides offices, industrial facilities, and businesses with reliable cleaning services since 1978.

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