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How to Keep Your Desk/Office Smelling Great

Regularly Take Out the Trash

Do you or your co-workers often eat lunch in the office or at your desk? Remembering to take out the trash on a regular or daily basis can help reduce and remove any smells lingering throughout the office. Working this simple task into the routine of your work day can significantly improve the air quality in an enclosed environment.

Use Anti-bacterial Wipes to Clean Surfaces

Freshen up your desk or office with lemon scented wipes. Cleaning the surface of your desk with antibacterial wipes or with a lightly scented home-made all purpose cleaner can help remove any odor-causing bacteria or germs covering the surfaces of your desk and computer.

DIY Reed Stick Diffuser

Reed Stick Diffuser are a quick and easy way to keep your desk or office space smelling great. You can purchase reed stick diffusers at home good stores and online if you would rather not make your own. To make your own all you need is a small glass jar or bottle, your favorite essential oils, sweet almond or safflower oil, reed or bamboo skewers.

Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is also another great option for keeping your office smelling delightful. You can purchase a diffuser at home goods stores or online. Essential oil diffusers have been shown to be an effective way to improve memory, cognitive function, and focus. Many essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, or lavender can be soothing when you're stressed, and can help to level out your mood, allowing you to focus easier while your working.

Get Rid of lingering Odors

An easy tip to eliminate strong odors is to leave out a bowl of white vinegar overnight to absorb any lingering and overpowering smells stuck in your office space.

Deep Clean the Carpet

If your having a tough time removing a bad smell in your office, you may want to take a good look at the condition of the carpet. Over time, carpets can begin to hold strong odors and can start to show signs of high traffic. Deep cleaning the carpet can remove unwanted smells and make the space feel noticeably cleaner.

Weekly Cleaning Routine

Would it make your life easier if your desk or office was cleaned every week? To reduce your chances of cluttering your office and unwanted smells invading your space, create a short list of office cleaning tasks that will help you stay organized and motivated while at work. For example, try to dusk one-a-week, make sure the bathroom is clean and properly stocked, or before they begin to build up shred any unneeded papers. Sometimes, taking a few extra cleaning steps can make your life at work seem less stressful and more seamless while also smelling great!

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