How To Tell If Your Commercial Cleaning Service Is Worth The Money

It’s very important to keep your office or business establishment presentably clean. A clean office or business environment creates a positive impression on visitors or customers, helps prevent illness or the spread of unwanted germs, and freshens up the space. Unfortunately, cleaning the workplace oftentimes can be very time-consuming and a tiring task to complete.

All of these factors are important reasons why a business owner or manager should hire a professional cleaning service to take care of the work for them. If your workplace currently already pays for a commercial cleaning service, have you ever been unimpressed or dissatisfied with the quality of work you paid for? This blog post is a quick read on how to tell if your commercial cleaning service is worth the money or if it may be time to hire a different cleaning company to ensure that your business always looks and smells freshly clean.

#1 You Don’t Recognize The Worker

Every time you schedule a commercial cleaning service is there always a new employee coming to clean your office or business? If the cleaning company you hired always sends a new worker to your establishment, it can be hard for them to keep the quality of cleanliness consistent and to your preferred liking. This is a common practice with commercial cleaning franchises and often times leads to inconsistent quality. If you begin to notice fluctuations in the quality of work that is being provided, this may be a clear sign that you may need to look into hiring a different commercial cleaning company.

#2 A Decrease In The Level of Quality

Have you hired the same cleaning company for a long time and feel like the quality of work has diminished over the years? Do they continuously fail to follow specific instructions, not respond quickly to problem resolutions, and give you attitude? If you have ever had a negative thought or reaction regarding the quality of work performed by the commercial cleaning service you’ve paid for, this may be a clear sign that you may want to search for a new company to hire to feel confident that your customers or visitors will not have the same negative thoughts when they’re sitting in your office or business.

#3 They Use Harmful Chemicals

Does your office or business ever have a strong chemical-like smell that lingers in the air after your commercial cleaning service comes to visit your establishment? Do you feel like the lingering toxins from the cleaning products used by the company you hired tend to cause your employees to get headaches, feel dizzy, or have a difficult time breathing while they’re in the office? Cleaning products have been known to contain different types of harmful toxins and chemicals. To avoid any issues, make sure the commercial cleaning company you hire does not use cleaning products or agents that contain harmful chemicals. Look out for companies that use products that have phthalates, perchloroethylene or “PERC,” triclosan, quarternaryammonium compounds, or “QUATS”, 2-butoxyethanol, ammonia, chlorine, and sodium hydroxide in them. Instead search for commercial cleaning companies that operate their business with “green cleaning” practices and use safe cleaning products.

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