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Keeping Your Office Clean & Germ-Free During The Winter Months

Its no secret that wintertime can be a frustrating time for offices to try to keep clean. Between the salt, snow and slush that employees and clients track into buildings it not only creates a dirty workspace but can also become a slip hazard depending on the flooring type your office has. Your cleaning company won't be there at every moment, so its important for you to work with your them to ensure that your concerns about maintaining a clean office are heard and take care of. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when requesting additional cleaning services or increasing the frequency at which they are servicing your office.

Road salt is used constantly in our area during the winter months, and its important to do everything you can to keep it outside and off your office floors. Of course, this isn't always going to be the case, and its inevitable as employees and clients come and go during business hours, and it can become damaging to all types of flooring types if it isn't removed. It may be best to work with your cleaning company and discuss with them the possibilities of increasing the frequency at which they're cleaning your floors. From carpets to hardwood floors, salt can ruin the quality of these surfaces overtime and could end up increasing your costs of replacement as time goes on.

Wintertime can lead to an increase of disinfecting highly used areas such as lobby spaces, conference rooms and bathrooms can has always been important, but it is imperative during these times of COVID-19 that you're taking these issues into consideration when working with or hiring a cleaning company for your office. Aside from COVID-19, the flu and the common cold are still illnesses to take seriously in and around your office. Proper disinfecting from your cleaning company can help reduce the spread of germs and especially so in high-traffic areas in your office.

In addition to proper disinfecting, increasing the frequency at which your office is being dusted and vacuumed can help lower the risk of air-born pathogens. During the winter months, so much more time is spent indoors with the windows closed, and very little opportunities to let fresh air into the office. Working and communicating these issues with your cleaning company can help improve the quality at which their services provide, as well as help create an all-around healthy workspace for your employees and clients.

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