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New Hire: Welcome Our New General Manager!

Like most businesses, we've had a turbulent 2020. The pandemic has brought a lot of changes to OBS, some positive and some hard. We've had to say goodbye to a couple of good clients who decided to operate remotely and some of our good employees. We've adjusted our business model, including incorporating new service such as disinfecting services using a fogger atomizer machine.

A recent change on our end was the addition of a new General Manager, Jim Carnathan. We brought on Jim in September to help us continue to push Ohio Building Services to the next level in customer service, operations, hiring, and training.

Jim has over thirty years of experience in managing diverse teams, leading P&Ls, and growing business lines. He's been an amazing addition to our team in terms of providing leadership, strategic thinking, and enhanced customer service to our employees and clients.

The pandemic will continue to impact businesses throughout 2020 and 2021 and we'll continue to have to adjust our thinking, service offerings, and interactions with our clients. We're fortunate to have a leader like Jim on our team to continue to push our business forward and make OBS an exclusive provider of janitorial and commercial cleaning services in Cincinnati.

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