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New Local Partner: HOMEstretch

HOMEstretch Logo

OBS has started to work with a new Cincinnati company called HOMEstretch for residential projects.

HOMEstretch has a very unique and simple concept. Instead of a homeowner or real estate agent juggling 3-4 vendors in order to empty, paint, clean, or prepare a home to be listed, it combines all of those services into one offering. The benefit that HOMEstretch provides its clients is speed, quality, and a single point-of-contact.

With our experienced employees, we've been able to provide HOMEstretch with a great talent pool in order to deep clean homes, steam and treat carpets, and remove items. It's another example of how OBS is on the lookout for great partners in the Cincinnati area to provide exceptional services to commercial and residential clients.

To learn more about HOMEstretch, please visit its site at or call 513-518-5191.

-The OBS Team

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