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OBS T-Shirts Are Here!

Since we purchased Ohio Building Services, we’ve been working hard on continuing the traditions, systems and efforts that have worked for the past forty years.

Luckily, we stumbled into a company with a great culture, fantastic employees and long-lasting clients.

We’ve started to chip away at some cosmetic improvements in the business, including: updating the website and online presence, streamlining systems and doubling down on customer service.

As part of our goal to put our best face forward with our customers, we recently invested in outfitting our employees with new company uniforms. While basic, we feel that it’s important that our employees always look presentable and professional in our client settings. Having a recognizable brand signals that our employees are professionals who take their craft seriously.

We hope that our clients enjoy the new look. We’ll continue to keep everybody updated on the new happenings at OBS---some exciting developments in the works.


The OBS Team

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