Office Cleaning Tips To Fight The Flu-Season

Have you ever worried about getting sick after an employee or coworker had to force themselves into the office while sneezing and coughing up a storm? As we enter into flu season it is important to take extra precautionary cleaning measures to keep you and your employees healthy. Listed below are tips to help prevent or fight off the flu or other illness causing bacteria from attacking your office.

Routine Cleaning Procedures

By creating a daily or weekly cleaning list, business owners can work to remove any germs or pathogens lingering on desks, in commons areas and in the bathroom. If life at work is constantly busy but you would still like to prevent germs from spreading throughout the office, another option you may want to consider is hiring a professional cleaning company like Ohio Building Services during fall and winter.

Wash Hands Reminders

Try hanging extra friendly hand washing reminders around the office. A great place to post a reminder is in common areas and in front of the sinks in the office bathroom or kitchen to encourage employees to wash their hands after using the restroom or after eating lunch.

Encourage Flu Shot

Even with extra emphasis on cleaning, the flu virus can sometimes be tough to fight. Getting a flu shot can also decrease a person's risk of catching or spreading the flu. Encouraging employees to get the influenza vaccine can oftentimes lower the risk of the virus spreading around the office.

Advocate for Sick Days

Have you ever been super sick and still had to drag yourself into the office when all you wanted to do was be at home resting? Those days are always rough! Viruses can easily spread when employees have no other choice but to push themselves into the office when there is a high chance that they may be contagious. Oftentimes, this increases the chances that other employees in the office will also end up catching virus. When trying to reduce the chances of the flu invading your office and taking down your employees, you want to consider actively encouraging sick days or offering employees the ability to work from home until they’re no longer contagious.

Hand Sanitizer & Lots of Tissues

In multiple areas around the office, place extra bottles of hand sanitizer next to a box of tissues. Place them both near a lined garbage can to encourage employees to throw away their tissues after being used and then to use the hand sanitizer immediately after they blow their nose. Most hand Sanitizer like Purell have been proven to kill more than 99.9% of illness causing germs. Making sure to stock up on hand sanitizer and tissues during flu season can decrease the risk of employees getting sick when at the office. Also, remember to make sure to frequently take out the garbage bag.

Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is also another great option for keeping your office smelling delightful and to decrease the chances of the flu invading your office. You can purchase a diffuser at home goods stores or online. Essential oil diffusers have been shown to be an effective way to improve memory, cognitive function, and focus. Many essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, or lavender can be soothing when you're stressed, and can help to level out your mood, allowing you to focus easier while your working. Thieves, oregano, and frankincense are great essential oils to use during flu season.

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