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Pre-Holiday Party Cleaning Tricks

With the office holiday party scene in full-effect, Ohio Building Services has put together a "pre-holiday party trick" list to simplify all of the post-party clean-up.

We hope that everybody has a wonderful holiday break and a relaxing and successful New Years!


The OBS Team

Add Extra Trash Cans

To reduce the amount of garbage after a party, place multiple trash cans or bags throughout the room. Giving your guests plenty of places to throw away their used party cups, utensils, and plates will make your post-party clean-up 10x faster.

To-Go Containers for Leftovers

Is your office refrigerator lacking extra space for party leftovers? Having "To-Go" like containers on hand can be a useful and easy way to send food home with your employees. This will help avoid an overly packed refrigerator and will reduce the chance of food rotting in the office kitchen over the holiday.

Clean & Restock the Bathroom

As you're preparing for the party, sanitize all of the surfaces in the bathroom using an all-natural DIY all purpose cleaner. To keep your guests happy and to avoid spreading germs, make sure to restock the bathroom with fresh soap, toilet paper, tissues, hand sanitizer, and hand towels.

Disinfect & Vacuum Party Area

When preparing for your office holiday gathering, make sure to sanitize all of the surfaces using an DIY all purpose cleaner. If the party area is in need of a light dusting, microfiber dusters are a quick way to tidy up the space. After that, vacuum the party area.

Add Extra Doormats

Add extra doormats or rugs near the doorway and in any high traffic areas. This will help decrease the chances of anyone slipping due to any wet weather that may occur before or during the party. It may also prevent you from having to remove any muddy footprints by scrubbing or shampooing the carpet, post-party.

Checklist for Pre-Holiday Party Clean-Up
Pre-Holiday Party Clean-Up Tricks

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