The Benefits of Hiring a Locally Owned Cleaning Company

After working 40+ hours every week, the last thing you want to do is stay even later to properly clean your business. If you find that cleaning your business or office space tends to be a timely and daunting weekly task, have you ever considered hiring a professional to clean up the mess for you? Imagine the free time you’ll get to spend with your family or extra time you’ll have to relax instead of battling dust and hurting your back after working all day.

Choosing the right cleaning company that can meet your specific needs can sometimes be difficult. Commercial cleaning franchises can be costly and can oftentimes leave clients feeling unsatisfied. To ensure that the job is completed with outstanding quality, you should consider hiring a locally owned cleaning business to take care of the job for you! This post is a quick read on why you should hire locally owned cleaning businesses rather than franchises.

Franchises Subcontract Out Jobs

Does it make you feel more comfortable knowing who the person that regularly comes to clean your business is? Beware! If you decide to hire a cleaning franchise, this may not always be the case. Cleaning franchises oftentimes subcontract out jobs. Many clients who have had the chance to compare both options have confirmed that a franchise can’t match the quality, attention and care you get from a local business.

Pay Employees Less

Because franchises oftentimes spend a lot of money on franchise fees, revenue kick-backs, and on fancy marketing, they tend to experience rapid growth. However, to compensate for having to pay franchise fees in a low-margin industry, franchise cleaning companies notoriously pay their cleaners less money. Franchises are locked into wages that range from $8.25-$10 per hour while locally owned businesses have the option to pay $12 per hour +. This puts franchises behind the eight-ball when looking to recruit the best personnel. Additionally, this can cause franchise cleaners to feel undervalued causing them to cut corners on jobs. Finally, this leads to naturally higher turnover rates in franchises because their cleaners are always looking for opportunities to be paid a higher and fairer wage for their efforts. All of these things can lead to inconsistent experiences for the end client.

High Turnover of Staff

Franchise have high start-up costs, revenue sharing agreements, and little flexibility in negotiated contract rates which leaves owners caring most about preserving their bottom-line. With low wages, franchise cleaning businesses tend to experience high turnover rates. If you’re a person that wants to have the same cleaner every time, hiring a locally owned cleaning service may save you a lot of stress. Hiring a locally owned business will allow you to be confident in the quality of service you’re paying for and gives you the ability to trust that the work completed will always be consistent.

Uses Exaggerated or Flashy Marketing

Have you ever come across or seen any sponsored ads online or tv commercials promoting a franchise cleaning service? Franchises are famous for using flashy marketing. Brand recognition is what usually gets them in the door. Due to their lack of care and cleaning expertise, most customers unfortunately end up regretting the service they paid for because it fails to meet the quality of cleaning they were initially sold on. Locally owned cleaning businesses care about the quality of their work, tend to rely on repeat business, and build relationships with their clients.

Ability To Customize Cleaning Solutions

Franchises tend to come with pre-set standards, processes and procedures for the products and services they offer. Cleaning franchises are often limited in the variety of services they can provide their clients. They’re known to offer customers package deals without the ability for much customization. On the other hand, a local cleaning business can easily modify its services for its clients. For instance, they can offer many recurring cleaning options, deep cleaning or carpet cleaning. They also can work with your budget to customize a cleaning plan that will fit your unique cleaning needs for your office space or business.


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