The Importance of Being Flexible For Clients

When it comes to running a small cleaning business, flexibility is key. Being flexible to meet the personal needs and demands of different clients is imperative to take note of as your cleaning business grows. This post is a short read on a few reasons why it is important to be flexible for clients in the cleaning industry.

Working as a True Partner vs. Nickeling and Diming

Within the cleaning and sanitation industry, showcasing excellent customer service is an essential component when running a small business. Not being binded by the protocol of a franchise cleaning company allows you the freedom to offer a wide variety of services to your clients. Instead of charging a customer for every small task, running a local cleaning business allows you the ability to customize cleaning plans for specific client needs. Working as a true partner with your client allows you the opportunity and ability to build a trusting relationship with them overtime. Rather than charging a customer for every cleaning task, considering them as a true partner will positively impact their experience utilizing your company. Going the extra step to tackle tasks like disinfecting door knobs and sanitizing high traffic areas to combat the flu virus is an example of how Ohio Building Services goes the extra mile for their clients.

Responding Positively to Ad Hoc Requests

Responding professionally to a spontaneous or unexpected cleaning request from a prospective client can oftentimes give them a positive impression of your business. Being flexible for clients on additional tasks like blind cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, construction demo clean-up, and steam cleaning is important to consider as spring cleaning season hits. If your returning clients happen to be located in commercial office buildings or populated places, there might be a chance that they’ll need cleaning services on a weekly or monthly basis. As you grow your clientele, try phasing in additional cleaning services that you’d like to offer regularly to your customers. If you're struggling with how to expand your business, another suggestion is to develop various packages that will make it easy for new and existing clients to become more easily aware of the other services your company offers. Before taking on a surprise or ad hoc request, there are a few precautionary things to consider before signing up for the job. First, make sure to assess any risks or challenges that could potentially occur. Then, determine if you have all of the proper tools/equipment/supplies needed for the job. Finally, check your schedule to see if you have enough time to complete the task within the expected time frame.

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